Artist 101: Kiera Weathers

This guide contains everything you need to know about singer-songwriter Kiera Weathers.

When is her birthday?

25 March 1997

What is her most popular song?

‘You Gotta Be’

What else should I know about Kiera Weathers?

Kiera Weathers is best known for appearing on The X Factor in 2015. She was mentored by judge Rita Ora. Unfortunately, Kiera was voted off the show in Week 2. However, she has continued in the music industry. She recently released her debut single ‘You Gotta Be,’ a modern cover of the Des’rees hit. Kiera felt that the ‘themes of celebrating individuality, self-empowerment and self-love is the kind of music the world needed to hear more than ever.’

What are her social media links?





Written by Rachel Dempster