Artist 101: Tamta

This Artist 101 will tell you everything you need to know about Cyprus’ representative Tamta.

When is her birthday?

10 January 1981

What do I need to know about Tamta?

After Eleni Foureria’s successful run at last year’s Eurovision, audiences are expecting to see what Cyprus has in store for them in the year 2019. Well, it seems that the country did not come to play.

At this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Tamta will be representing Cyprus with her song “Reply”. Tamta Goduadze, who goes by the stage name Tamta, is a Georgian-Greek singer.

After finishing second at Super Idol Greece in the year 2004, the singer went to release several chart-topping albums. Signed under MINOS EMI, the singer released her debut album in the year 2006 and became the Best New Artist in the same year. She went on to become a mentor at The X Factor Georgia and The X Factor Greece.

This isn’t the first time for Tamta to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest. She participated in the selection round in the year 2007 with her song “With Love” but could not get through. Now, with years of experience under her belt, Tamta is definitely a strong contender for the contest.

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