Bring Me The Horizon’s New Music Video Is… Interesting

Bring Me The Horizon have released what is quite possibly their most disturbing video to date, exceeding Pray For Plagues and It Never Ends (and that’s saying something).

But it’s truly a work of art. Every second of it.

The location shots, the actors, the band’s performance. It all ties together so beautifully.

True Friends is the fourth single released from That’s The Spirit, and was directed by frontman Oli Sykes.

The video depicts an argument between two old friends about something unbeknown to the viewer, and alongside that there’s a horse, writing on the wall, and the hand of an elderly lady with a ring on her finger.

Based on their previous music videos, it’s clear to see that the guys definitely do not lack creativity.


Check it out below.

Written by CelebMix