Celebmix’s Top 10 KPOP songs of 2019

KPOP has exploded over the last few years and grown ever more global due to the internet. 2019, in particular, has seen a rise in many interesting concepts and genres tackled by these groups. After flitting through the releases, here are the CelebMix Top 10 KPOP singles of 2019.

10. Baekhyun – Un Villiage

Baekhyun made his solo debut this year and with a voice like liquid gold and phenomenal popularity, it was sure his solo debut would be a success. Out of the powerful image that EXO has showcased, Un Village was the soothing slow jam that KPOP needed this year and illustrates the best that Baekhyun has to offer.

9. Seventeen – Fear

Seventeen’s growth from a cute boy-next-door to hard-hitting EDM powerhouses was a shocker but it works so well. The ever experimental group dropped their title track Fear and the dark vibe fits the maturing members to a Tee. Fear is definitely one of the most interesting and well-executed dark concepts of 2019 and showcased Seventeen’s versatility.

8. Tomorrow x Together (TXT) – Run Away

TXT only debuted in March but have already begun to prove themselves as a top player in the industry. Run Away was a sprinkle of magic and funk in the cold October nights while keeping the youthful innocence and unique concept that attracts MOAs to TXT. With less than one year under their belts and already being this strong, the future is bright for TXT.

7. ITZY – Dalla Dalla

JYP is known for their strong girl groups and in 2019 ITZY carved their own place in the industry with their monstrous debut single Dalla Dalla. The fun, energetic and self-love filled track was an initial slow burner but became everyone’s favourite song by the end of the year and it became one of the most loved songs in South Korea and earnt it’s place on this list too.

6. Red Velvet – Psycho

Psycho has only been around for one week but has already become one of our most loved songs from 2019. Red Velvet gave us the hauntingly beautiful track, serving us gothic realness mixed with urban pop, formulating not just one of the best Red Velvet title tracks to date, but one of the best KPOP releases of the year.

5. BLACKPINK – Kill This Love

Kicking off our top five is none other than BLACKPINK with Kill This Love. The brassy hip-hop-influenced bop gave us the gritty edge we wanted from girl groups this year. With the highly addictive chorus and mantra of a bridge ‘, we must kill this love before it kills you too’ , Kill This Love solidified its place in the top songs of the year.

4. Twice – Feel Special

Yes. We know Fancy was THAT song and really presented a side to Twice we hadn’t seen yet, but Feel Special had that little bit extra. Feel Special came in the midst of one of the hardest times for Twice and they crafted a dark track discussing concerns in amongst a gorgeous disco-pop instrumental letting their Onces know that they indeed make Twice feel special.

3. Chungha – Snapping

There has been no other soloist who made 2019 their year like Chungha. Everything about Snapping just screams perfection; from the pre-chorus build-up to the bridge isolation and Chungha’s vocals glide across these like a skater to ice. Snapping gets better with every listen.

2. BTS – Boy With Luv ft Halsey

Oh my, my, my, oh my, my, my, Boy With Luv really is that good isn’t it? BTS tackled a style of music they had never ventured into before with the funk-pop track and completely made it their own while sticking to the BTS roots that skyrocketed them to the global stars that they are. Halsey fit the song perfectly and with the eight of them coming together to create the spring/summer anthem that gets better with every play.

  1. Chungha – Gotta Go

Gotta Go was released on the 2nd day of 2019 and has aged like a fine wine. The sensual track was a concept shift from her previous releases and gave her a new image and sound as a mature artist, which paid off immensely. Gotta Go was the step-up that Chungha needed to show off her power as a soloist and she delivered pop excellence with the track.

So this has been a rundown of our top 10 favourite KPOP songs of 2019! Let us know what your favourites were and whose comebacks you are most excited for in 2020 by tweeting the CelebMix account!

Written by Ellie Nicholas

A 23-year-old UK-based graduate.
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