Celebrities Who Promote Best Casinos

Nothing helps an online casino achieve a high profile like an endorsement from a Hollywood bigshot. Whether they’re enjoying slots or dropping bets on a game of poker, a solid Instagram plug from the world’s favorite actor or actress can go a long way in keeping a casino’s reputation as a top luxury gaming destination. The best online casinos in the USA, like mejorescasinosonline.net, rely on star power to help stay hot, and it helps!

Today, we’re taking a look at the biggest Hollywood stars and the casino endorsements that give them carte blanche in exchange for their promotion.

Usain Bolt

Besides being the world’s fastest man, Gold Medalist Usain Bolt is also known for his love of online betting, specifically poker. The Tokyo Olympic Games star even has his own online slot game, the aptly named Usain Bolt: The Slot Game. Bolt has a deal with Ganapati PLC to distribute the betting game, which to date, has reportedly earned the sprinter over 60 million dollars. Talk about making cash fast!


Charles Barkley

Barkley has a reputation for his abrasive personality on the basketball court, calling it like it is and having one of the wonkiest golf swings out there, and he’s also known to love gambling. Rumor has it that Barkley has lost somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million to casinos over the years and still can’t get his fill of placing bets on the regular. Currently, Barkley has a multi-year deal with FanDuel and acts as their brand ambassador and spokesman, providing content for their social feeds and making appearances on their behalf.


Mike Tyson

Tyson was known for his ferociousness in the ring during his reign as the boxing heavyweight champion of the world, but these days, Iron Mike is better known for his sponsorships and investments than his dreaded uppercut. Recently, Tyson had a year sponsorship deal as the brand ambassador for Parimatch sports betting across the Cyprus and CIS region. During that time, he was the face of the company and was seen across all advertisement and marketing campaigns across the world. Tyson also has a 15 year deal with Inspired Gaming, giving them exclusive access to the champ’s likeness.


Andrew Luck

With a name built for online betting, the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback has teamed up with Bovada, one of the US.’s most visited online gambling sites, to act as the face of the franchise. Luck is the perfect fit as his career ended early due to injuries, and he mentioned in the past that the ability to bet on sports and win gives him the same rush as when he was helping win games for the Colts.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Known as the endorsement King, Ronaldo has made massive piles of cash using his brand to help endorse many online casinos. He signed a deal with Poker Stars back in 2015 to appear as the global ambassador for the online poker platform. Playing poker for years, he’s noted that he’s always enjoyed the thrill that online gaming provides.


Conner McGregor

The former Betsafe ambassador is known for his hard-hitting combos in the UFC and his brutal verbal attacks through his social media. The Irish mixed martial artist also has a deal with Parimatch that was signed around the same time as Mike Tyson was. It’s not surprising that McGregor chose to sign with Parimatch, as they also have an exclusive deal with the UFC as well.


Paris Hilton

Most reality TV celebrities seem to fade away over time, but Paris Hilton is as famous today as she’s ever been, which comes in handy for endorsing online gaming. Hilton helps draw a solid female audience for BGO online casino, and she’s been doing it since 2016. Being the daughter of one of the most recognizable names in Las Vegas, it only makes sense that she’s been involved with online casinos since the very beginning.


Ray Romano

Another long-time member of Poker Stars, the Everybody Loves Raymond star, loves to participate in online private tournaments on the popular platform, where it’s rumored he bets on very high stakes. He bets high, and he has the cash to back it up, making him one of Poker Stars’ most profitable endorsers.

These celebrities have tapped into a new income stream by partnering with online gambling sites to endorse their platforms and games. From Tyson to Hilton, there’s no limit to who’s willing to act as a global ambassador for these online gaming sites. The online gambling world is growing every day; who do you think will be the next big name to sign with one of the online gambling giants?


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Written by Monella