With Confidence Release “Better Weather”

With Confidence — one of Hopeless Records’ most recent signings — has finally released their debut album.

With Confidence Release Better Weather 2

Better Weather has managed to capture different formats of what characterizes pop-punk — these guys aren’t afraid to experiment with the heavy and the light sounds of their genre. The album has songs for every fan of pop-punk (and not). They range from the fun, ultra-pop sound to the grungy, heavy matter of the pop-punk genre. Overall, this album has the potential to set these guys on the road to some major place — forever keeping in mind that they’re already set to play Warped Tour this summer. Better Weather is definitely a summer album; coming at a time when people are searching for some sick tunes to drive along to, this album definitely has that potential.

Looking back at one of our previous interviews with the band, the boys continually brought attention to the importance of mental health — especially when we recognize that many, many people don’t feel that their problems aren’t valid because they aren’t physically apparent. With a message like “Despite the weather, it gets better” off of their track “Voldemort,” With Confidence wants to bring attention to the importance of keeping your head up and continuing — that we all have the power within us to continue on and live for tomorrow’s “better weather.”

We definitely love the message these guys are bringing, especially through a medium like music. Sometimes when things seem difficult and dark, we can find comfort in music — and this album is definitely an album that helps bring hope to its listeners. This is an album that takes you through a journey — one that leaves you feeling that tomorrow really is going to be better, no matter what may actually happen.

We love Better Weather and we recommend listening to: “Voldemort,” “Keys,” “Keeper,” and “We’ll Be Okay” (or just listen to the entire thing — multiple, multiple times).

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