Cooper Phillip is fearless in expressing her faults in “Not Perfect”

Society can easily place pressure on us to strive for perfection. We feel like we need to look or act a certain way. The immense stress we put on ourselves can be very taxing at times. Cooper Phillip is taking off some of that pressure with her latest single “Not Perfect”. 

The singer’s inspiring anthem lets listeners know it’s okay to embrace your flaws. Phillip passionately sings, “ In my mind I thought my spot was being taken. I was told that I was never gonna make it. Then I switched my madness to appreciation.” She is illustrating that instead of killing yourself for excellence, you should be thankful for how far you have come. The track highlights playful pop melodies and fierce vocals exuding a rich, bubbly atmosphere.

Los Angeles based Cooper Phillip possesses an intense motivation and drive. Leaving home at age 17 to pursue a career in music, she moved to New York where she tirelessly worked to cultivate her craft. There she performed in weddings, clubs and a restaurant where she slept in their storeroom. Though the journey was challenging, Cooper Phillip never lost hope. Eventually, she was offered a big opportunity in Los Angeles and never looked back. Her unwavering strength shines through in her powerful releases. “I believe we underestimate ourselves often and our fear takes over. My goal is to show people that they are stronger and can do much more than they think they can,” Phillip reveals. 

Coming from a family of skilled classical musicians, the Russian born singer’s aunt and mother toured the world with various symphonies. With that high achieving legacy, it is no wonder Cooper Phillip places so much pressure on herself to succeed. Growing up listening to Jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, she would closely examine Fitzgerald’s stunning vocal styling and that is where her love for music began. Now the singer-songwriter has diligently fostered her social media fan base as well as performed to some of Los Angeles’s most notable venues making her a strong energy in today’s industry.  

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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