DISCOVER: Live Lans’ Music Video For “Kindness Vs Weakness”

After dropping his EP “Lova Lova” on 1 July 2018, Live Lans folllowed it up with a music video for the awesome track “Kindness Vs Weakness”, and it’s a total must-watch visual. This isn’t the only song from the EP that has a music video, five months ago Live Lans dropped the first official single and music video from the EP, titled “Mi Girl”.

He is best known for being one-fifth of afro-dance band Bud Sugar who are paving their way through music with their unique style, attitude, vocals, and tunes. Live Lans has been going on his own for some time and has been knocking out some incredible tracks, we loved “Whine“, and his latest EP “Lova Lova” is undeniably catchy and deserves so much more recognition. That goes for this music video too, as it just works well with the song “Kindness Vs Weakness”.

Live Lans himself came up with the visual concept, whilst it was filmed and edited by Dan Pahlen. It is mainly a performance piece that really shows Live Lans in a brilliant light, he sure knows how to perform, giving us a tonne of energy and totally keeping the audience engaged. This is intercut with scenes of a narrative; we watch as his love interest texts him, asking if she can go shopping using his card, to which he says yes because his kindness is his weakness. The ending sees Live Lans in a bar and he spots a girl who ignores him, and then he tries to pay at the bar and realises he doesn’t have his card with him.

Watch The Music Video To Live Lans’ “Kindness Vs Weakness” Here:

“Kindness Vs Weakness” is available to download and stream right now as part of his “Lova Lova” EP. If you have the time, check out our track-by-track EP review of “Lova Lova”, it’s definitely worth a read and we just know you’ll love all five tracks.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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