Live Lans Drops New EP Titled “Lova Lova”

You may have already guessed how much we love Bud Sugar here at CelebMix, who recently dropped their incredibly addicting “Vampire” EP; well, one-fifth of the group, Live Lans, has more music to give you in the shape of his own EP titled “Lova Lova”.

We’ve watched Live Lans grow as an artist as he has developed his sound both within Bud Sugar and in his own solo music career. We have to admit that “Lova Lova” really showcases him as an artist, and the songs on the EP are some of the best we’ve heard from him to date.

The first track “Kindness Vs Weakness” is an afrobeat-rap track that opens up with a chat with a woman who states what she likes about the song and that it has a really nice rhythm to it – such a great way to open the song. It’s a brilliant introducing track as you can understand who Live Lans is as a person allowing us to identify with him.

“Spirit” kicks in with some surprising sounds and beats, giving this a light jovial sound as this male solo singer brings it with his vocals giving us groove and soul. This is one you’ll end up singing along to by the end – we sure are. Similarly, “Temptation” is also very catchy. It has a much deeper sound and it’s a different mood from the previous song. It’s got a gritty side to it as Live Lans continues to show versatility and how he can give us a pure afrobeat track as well as switching up the genre what with the previous two tracks.

If you’re looking for something a bit different from Live Lans, then look no further than “Lil Mama”, which still has his signature sound but has a more R&B feel to it mixed with reggae all twisted up in this afrobeat sound. It’s beaty throughout with his voice giving us chills purely because we can feel his emotions throughout this song – he truly means every single word.

The final track on the EP is “Mi Girl”, and this ends it on quite the summery song that we would love to hear at a beach party while the sun is blazing overhead. Once again, it’s got soul, groove, and style. Live Lans proves he deserves his place in music with this undeniably addictive track.

This EP, “Lova Lova”, by Live Lans is a brilliant collection of tracks that we will definitely be playing over and over again. We also absolutely adore the cover, which Live Lans created himself. This is just one solid EP that deserves a tonne of recognition.

“Lova Lova” EP is available to download and stream right now. If you want to hear more from Live Lans, check out his previously released music, we definitely recommend “Whine“. Not only that, we also suggest you check out his group, Bud Sugar, who also recently dropped an amazing EP, titled “Vampire“.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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