DISCOVER: Sergiu Bolota Releases New Single & Lyric Video “Umbre”

With lots of new music released this week, it’s difficult to keep up with it all, and here’s another one we adore listening to. It’s brand new from Sergiu Bolota, titled “Umbre” and we believe it’s his title single from his upcoming album of the same name, which he has already revealed on YouTube. This song follows up his previous single “Esti o fiinta minunata”.

Sergiu Bolota is a male singer-songwriter from Romania who has been making his name known for entering Romania’s national selection show for Eurovision over the past few years. His top song and most-streamed song is “We Were Young” which was a favourite amongst Eurovision fans during the Romanian national selection show Selectia Nationala 2017. It was written by Eurovision 2015 contestant Stig Rästa, but things didn’t go to plan. He returned to the show in 2018 with the song “Every Little Thing” which also became a fan-favourite, but he just missed out on qualifying for the final, after coming fourth in Semi-Final 5. He was quoted, back when he promoted his single “Tell Me“, as saying about Selectia Nationala 2019: “I would really like to write a song for someone, but I don’t think I want to participate as a singer this year.” But, after thinking it through, he changed his mind and entered the track “Un nou inceput“, but it wasn’t chosen for the semi-finals. Now, he’s continuing his music career and we’re excited to see where it takes him.

This new track, “Umbre” – which means “Shadows” in English, is an exciting step forward for him, allowing him to showcase his versatility. The song has been written by Sergiu Bolota himself whilst it was produced by Catalin Ivascu. It has been sponsored by Madame Pogany, Bucharest, whilst Sergiu Bolota created the lyric video.

Watch Sergiu Bolota’s Lyric Video For “Umbre” Here:

We may not be able to speak Romanian, apart from a few words here and there, but Sergiu Bolota’s incredible vocals are truly unforgettable. This song clearly means a lot to him and you can hear the emotion in his voice as he sings this stunning song. The production beats flow in time with his vocals making more of an impact as he sings the song; it’s rhythmically melodic that certainly makes us listen when played amongst popular tracks. It has that stand-out effect that is totally memorable.

The lyric video has a cool concept as we watch a building with the sky’s clouds flowing by which is then reflected halfway across the screen with the lyrics appearing at the bottom. The clouds past by in time with the music creating an engaging scene.

“Umbre” is available to download and stream right now. His full album is available to listen to on YouTube and we’re hoping that it is set to be released across download and streaming services soon. You can listen to the album in full, below.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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