Mason Noise replacing Tom Bleasby on X Factor

Well it was set to happen….a boy had to be brought back! And of course, it was a boy who hadn’t even secured a seat in the Six Chair Challenge.

Mason Noise is replacing Tom Bleasby! This is set to cause a LOT of controversy but X Factor bosses say that this is a good way of boosting ratings.

Even though he said that the ITV producers had ‘stitched him up,’ he is back – Nick revealed it on radio this morning.

He said that he had the option of going ahead with Judges Houses with 5 boys or bringing one back. He thought that Mason Noise was exciting and has gave him another chance.

Producers have said that if it was any other year, ‘Mason would not have been given another chance.’

At the Six Chair Challenge, he was rude to the crew and we all saw his fight with Simon where he threw the microphone on the floor! He says he didn’t get enough screen time….well screen time is a definite now! After his hissy fit, Rita called it the ‘Kayne West effect.’

Nick said that he is a performer and entertainer and he knows who he is and that is why he brought him back.

What about giving the place to a boy who actually sang well? Ollie Marland maybe?

Written by Rachel Dempster