The Midnight Beast releases ‘All Killer’

Recently the ex parody making and Channel 4 stars The Midnight Beast have been making their way back onto our social media timelines. This could be seen as a comeback for them all though they never really left.

After recently dropping their all singing all dancing show ‘All Killer’ The Midnight Beast have blown back up.


The show has many YouTube stars featured in it including Hazel Hayes, Jack Howard, Chris Kendall, Hannah Witton, Leslie Wai and then of course the boys themselves. As young fans of The Midnight Beast know we have been waiting upon something big again for years. Although the parodies did keep on coming, and were as funny as ever.

The show is currently available to buy or rent over on Vimeo for just as the boys referenced it for ‘a couple of quid’.

We at CelebMix think it’s very much worth it – so go give it a watch! Let us know what you thought over at out Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix