Pink releases her new album “Beautiful Trauma”

With releases like “Just Like Fire” and a constant presence on the music scene, who would have believed that Pink hadn’t released an album in last 5 years?

Recently, the Grammy winning pop star received Micheal Jackson’s Video Vanguard Award on VMA 2017. In her powerful speech and a message to her daughter, she said,

“we don’t change; we take gravel in the shell and we make a pearl”.

For this artist, freedom of expression and empowerment is not a moment’s bliss. It’s something that she carries with herself as an armour to protect people who haven’t got one for themselves. Her messages then, are clearly visible in her music as well.

Today, Pink reset her musical career with the same attitude of a rebellion with the release of her new album “Beautiful Trauma”.

The title is an oxymoron and a clever play on the subject matter of this socially important work of art. The subject matter of the album is crucial as it explores issues that affect the majority of people today.

It attempts to spread the message of unity and inclusivity by contemplating and sharing Pink’s “trauma” on deliberate and discriminatory exclusivity of some groups from the society.

Artists like Pink don’t pretend to isolate themselves from happenings in the society. Neutrality does not exist for them. Instead, they show the impact of those events on their lives through their works.

“Beautiful Trauma” seems to be an album we have been long waiting for from the singer.

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Written by Ayushi

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