Rumer Shares Lyric Video for ‘Balance Of Nature’

British singer/songwriter, Rumer, releases the lyric video to “Balance Of Nature”, a track off of her upcoming album This Girl’s In Love: A Bacharach and David Songbook.

The song is the second track to emerge from her album. Prior to this, she released her take on the Carpenters’ hit song “(They Long To Be) Close To You”.

As she shares her take on the Burt Bacharach and Hal David classic, Q Magazine describes her as ‘the heir to Dusty Springfield & Karen Carpenter’. The statement being truthfully supported by Rumer’s self-harmonised voice accompanied by the 22 piece string & 6 piece horn sections of the Capitol Studios.

Rumer admits that she couldn’t have made the album five years ago. She says, “I think I’ve now got a wide enough emotional palette to draw on for these songs’ characters and stories. That kind of insight only comes as you get older”. This Girl’s In Love was recorded in the legendary Capitol Studios, with the help from her partner, Rob Shirakbari. Shirakbari fittingly composed, produced and arranged her album, who also happens to be a musical director for both Dionne and Bacharach for decades.

While her album is a catalogue that has been interpreted by various famous artists before her, she’s rised to their level impressively, matched with Rob’s instinctive arrangements and orchestrations.

“There’s a timelessness to these songs,They will last forever.”

Before the album comes out, she will be playing a headline show at London’s Cadogan Hall on October 17th. Tickets are now on sale and available here.

This Girl’s In Love: A Bacharach and David Songbook is due to be released on October 21st under Warner Music.You can get “Balance Of Nature” as an instant track through pre-order of the album.

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Written by CelebMix