Scream Queens hits the UK

Scream Queens is finally hitting UK Shores.

Premiering on Monday the 26th of October at 10pm on E4, The 15 part series is going to keep you entertained well into the new year.
From the creators of Glee and American Horror Story, and with a stellar cast, of which features one of the most famous scream queens of them all, Jaime Lee Curtis, along with stars such as Emma Roberts, (Scream 4) and Lea Michele, (Glee) it is fair to expect good things.
The comedy horror is set in the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority of Wallace University, which was the scene of an horrific crime 20 years previous. New rules enforced by the new dean Cathy Munsch (Curtis) mean that the sorority has to accept all pledges, despite their elite standards. After a tragic accident during the hazing of the new misfit pledges, the mystery of the long forgotten death of one of their sisters resurfaces, along with the Red Devil.
We follow the sorority sisters as one by one they come face to face with the masked killer, and the secrets of that night, 20 years ago, are revealed.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FtenR69qmk&w=640&h=360]
Watch Scream Queens Monday the 26th of October, on E4 at 10pm and let us know what you think @CelebMix


Written by CelebMix