Stereo Kicks on split: “Blame Louis Walsh”

Stereo Kicks have opened up in their split, blaming X Factor mentor Louis Walsh for their decision to call it a day.

Speaking to Digital Spy, James said: “We’d do something and we were like, ‘Crest of a wave now, let’s absolutely kill it next week’ and then it didn’t quite happen. I personally, I’ll be brutally honest and the boys might not want me to say this, but I think I blame Louis entirely.

When asked about the upcoming series of the competition, the boys said: “The panel that they’re going for this year, the whole vibe of X Factor this year is that they’re going for younger, cooler a bit more that kind of show.

“Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw are perfect for that. I think they’re brilliant. I can’t wait to see them properly in action.”

Watch the video for Stereo Kicks first – and only – single below.

Written by CelebMix