The Teen Wolf Season 6 Trailer Is Here!

Yesterday, the trailer for the final season of Teen Wolf was revealed before the cast joined their fans on the panel at the San Diego Comic Con.

Fans have been anticipating season 6 since season 5 wrapped up and was all prepared for it’s return this June/July. However, due to circumstances with Dylan O’Brien still in recovery, it has been postponed until November.

Huh? Did we say final season? Unfortunately, yes we did. At the very end of the Season 6 trailer are the words ‘The Final Season’ which made fans go absolutely wild! The cast and crew had never hinted about Teen Wolf finishing any time soon and no one had even imagined that it would so, everybody was completely caught off guard! You can read about Season 6 being Teen Wolf’s final instalment here.

Now back on to the trailer. The trailer definitely makes up for the bad news as this looks like the best season yet! This time round, we get to witness Stiles lose everybody he cared about due to the Ghost Riders (which you can read about here) as they come through your town and erase people from reality. Stiles is their target while in Beacon Hills as they take him along with them and make sure to wipe his friends and families’ memories of him before doing so. Stiles’ biggest fear is losing his friends after high school and with high school coming to an end, his friends having their memories wiped could only terrify him even more and show him what his life would be like without Scott, his father and friends. With the Ghost Riders in town, everywhere you look, everywhere you turn is a danger zone. Everybody disappears. Everybody starts forgetting.

Tyler Posey explained on the Teen Wolf panel how things can turn back upright. He says that Scott begins to realise that people are missing from his life but he can’t remember them, he just knows that something is missing and he needs to figure it out. Scott is determined to remember the missing pieces in his life, bringing his pack back together to save everybody who had been caught by the Ghost Riders and most importantly, to save his best friend. In order to do so, they have to dig up Theo. Peter Hale returns to Beacon Hills to cause drama with his daughter Malia and the whole world just gets turned upside down!

Of course, Arden will be not be in the final season as Kira, therefore Scott is now a newly single man and we get to see him focus on his life, his friends, his town, with no female distractions. Having no distractions could possibly let Scott reveal strengths he never showed before. He may push limits, he will take risks without being told no and he will save Stiles because a Scott without a Stiles, (What’s a Stiles?) is just not acceptable. Sciles all the way! We will see Liam begin to take over Scott’s title as alpha due to Scott’s preparations for college. Liam has showed strength stronger than Scott which we got to see last season when his girlfriend, Hayden, had been killed and he blamed Scott for not fighting hard enough. (Don’t worry, Hayden is alive, it’s a long story if you haven’t watched).

We will also be introduced to a new member of the Beacon Hills lacrosse team, Nathan, who doesn’t believe in the supernatural world. Not much has been revealed about Nathan yet and how he’s going to react when he discovers the supernatural situations surrounding Beacon Hills. However, it would definitely be great if he ended up becoming a supernatural creature and joining Scott’s pack because then we would see Nathan really clash with his beliefs on the supernatural.

This season is extremely exciting as everyone will be pushed to the best of their abilities. They will have to fight their way through this without each others’ help and it’s a beautiful thing how they will all retrieve back their memories in order to save Stiles, someone so incredibly important to each and every one of them. Speaking of saving someone incredibly important, Lydia will grow a stronger connection with Stiles more than ever (STYDIA!!) and she has to face saving Stiles alone as she is fighting to keep her memories of Stiles while her friends have no interest in helping to save someone they don’t know. Which is totally understandable as it’s hard to search for someone you don’t remember existing in the first place but so very stressful for the fans.

Damn, Jeff you have definitely done it this time!

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