Album Review: The Pretty Reckless – Who You Selling For

They’re back, and on form throughout. The Pretty Reckless has released their third studio album “Who You Selling For”. The wait is over.

Consisting of Taylor Momsen, Jamie Perkins, Ben Phillips, and Mark Damon; this four-piece rock band have really come into their own with this new album.

Letting each track take on a form of its own; this album definitely shows their diversity as a band. There’s a broad range of tracks, from slow rock ballads to more heavy instrumental pieces. Their growth is phenomenal compared to their first album, “Light Me Up”.

The introductory track really crescendos from a subtle opening line: “Get your shit together”, to a stripped back vocal with a pure piano, then on to a full out heavy rock vibe. “The Walls Are Closing In / Hangman” proves that this album is not going to be your average record. Frontwoman, Taylor Momsen, shines throughout this song and the rest of the album. Her vocals are perfection, flooding emotion when it needs it; as well as adding power and texture. This introductory track is stunning from start to finish.

Sing along to The Pretty Reckless’ next song “Oh My God” with this lyric video:

The next three tracks were previously released as instant grat singles. “Oh My God”, “Take Me Down” and “Prisoner” really show the depths this band has gone to for their third album. “Take Me Down” is the official first single and has a great music video to go with it. The progression from the previous album, “Going To Hell”, is clear. “Oh My God” and “Prisoner” are completely different. The former is hard rock, with Taylor Momsen’s vocals strong throughout and an instrumental that blasts this song skyward halfway through. The latter has hand claps as part of the melody. It’s rhythmically repetitive, easily likeable, with strong vocals.

Watch The Pretty Reckless’ music video for “Take Me Down”:

Yet the stand-out track follows. “Wild City” should totally be the next official single. Incorporating the sounds of a city, this song was born in New York City. It brings on night city vibes, rhythmically different with beautiful harmonies. It’s a total must-listen.

It’s undeniable how amazing Taylor Momsen’s vocals are, she proves that on the next track “Back To The River” which features Warren Haynes. Another amazing instrumental can be found in this song too. The band then slows it down at the end to focus on the lyrics. It leads perfectly onto “Who You Selling For” the track the album is named after. A total rock ballad, the vocals are on-point as always. This one really shows a story and Taylor Momsen’s ability to mean every word she sings.

An almost acoustic song follows. “Bedroom Window” is the shortest track on the album. It’s an extremely relaxed song that feels like they’ve set the band up in the garage and are playing to the street. It’s strong and story-like yet totally stands out because it’s so stripped back. This is a total clash as next track, “Living In The Storm”, destroys the calmness. Strong again, this band has really stretched the lines of rock music.

The last three tracks, “Already Dead”, “The Devil’s Back” and “Mad Love” are all completely different. “Already Dead” feels like a total, cards on the table, honesty rock ballad. “The Devil’s Back” is long and broad, a total personal story can be heard from Taylor Momsen’s voice as she puts her heart and soul in the song. The seven-minute-long track fails to drone on; instead, you don’t want it to end. The outro track “Mad Love” is definitely not a rock cover version of the JoJo track we all love. Instead, it’s a smooth track with great harmonies and an experimented auto-tune that meshes amazingly with the rock rhythm.

As a whole, this album is well packaged. The Pretty Reckless refuse to be defined by rock music; instead, they defy logic and break the imaginary boundaries of what rock music is. “Who You Selling For” mixes it all up. There’s a track for everybody on here.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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