WATCH: Will Homewood Cover Charlie Puth’s “Attention”

Will Homewood has done it again. He has dropped another awesome cover version that gives us chills. This time he has released the song on YouTube where we get to see him perform Charlie Puth’s “Attention”; proving he has a voice that hits us right in the heart.

Covers aren’t anything new for Will Homewood. He has been treating his fans all over his social media with regular videos of him singing various covers of songs; this is usually shown on his Twitter profile, although he has released shown visuals on his Facebook and Instagram.

He has been away from YouTube for a while, but we are definitely happy he is back. He has also previously released some amazing original songs on his SoundCloud; our favourites are definitely “Crossroad”, “Summer Love“, and “Weight Of Us“.

Watch Will Homewood Cover Charlie Puth’s “Attention” Here:

As per usual, Will Homewood’s vocals are on point from start to finish. He manages to flood this song with more emotion than we’ve ever seen from his previous covers; he has clearly connected with this song on an emotional level and has managed to put his all in this song.

The release of this video was in honour of him hitting 420 subscribers, which he urged his fans to help reach the milestone through his social channels; promising that a cover of this song would be dropped.

This follows his previous cover version of Liam Payne’s “Strip That Down”, which was released less than a week earlier.

Watch Will Homewood Cover Liam Payne’s “Strip That Down” Here:

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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