Check Out Will Homewood’s New Original Song “Weight Of Us”

Will Homewood has dropped another awesome original song, titled “Weight Of Us”. It has been months and months since “Summer Love” was released on SoundCloud, which we’re still obsessed with; but, we’re now glad to hear another original song from this extremely talented artist.

“Weight Of Us” is a stunning pop song that will have you singing along by the end of the track; one that’ll certainly make you play it again and again. It starts off strong, taking us back to Justin Timberlake’s early hits; then Will Homewood’s vocals kick in sounding more like Justin Bieber’s latest releases. Combining our two favourite Justins totally makes this a total hit, that we can’t get enough of.

Listen To Will Homewood’s “Weight Of Us” Here:

Soulful from start to end, his vocals are on point. He floods the song with emotion, totally getting across that he’s not so into this current situation and we can literally hear how crazy it’s making his heart.

As a whole, it definitely has a Shawn Mendes “Stitches” vibe to it. Will Homewood exudes confidence throughout, and we can totally imagine him nailing this on stage. We cannot wait to hear this live!

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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