Will this be the last of Supernatural?

Will this be the last of Supernatural?

Yet again, the series of Supernatural has brought us a brand new season to enthuse over. The CW Television Network aired the season premier on October 11th, 2015. Many excited fans gathered around their TV’s and watched the exciting new episode, “Into the Darkness”.

Most TV shows end somewhere after the fifth season, due to the fact that the main point of the show has already been revealed. Either that or the plot has simply no exact point. Although Supernatural is continuing on with season 11, there is just as much excitement as there was for the other seasons.

“The Darkness is, I think, very ominous for the Season 11. It is going to prove to be a season that has a “big bad” and that bad is the Darkness. The Darkness is pre-biblical, it is very powerful and… Dark,” Misha Collins (Castiel) says during an interview with TVLine about the season premier. Obviously this new season has some very exciting plot twists waiting around the corner for us to see. But will this be the last season of Supernatural?

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