CelebMix’s Top Articles Of 2017 Chosen By The Writers

Yesterday we started the brand new year, 2018; and, in the spirit of the celebration, we’ve decided to take a look back at the articles we have written in 2017. We’ve had some amazing opportunities, unforgettable experiences, and incredible exclusive interviews.

All of the CelebMix writers have worked so very hard to get content out for the site in any way, shape, or form. This certainly led to some outstanding work on the site which deserves praise in every way. So, we decided to ask our writers which articles, that they wrote themselves, is their favourite from 2017.

And, here are the results. Be prepared to read some amazingly written articles that blow our minds. All of our writers are exceptional, but it really shows when they take that one step further and write up a superb article; just like the ones below.

Movie Review: “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle” – Article Written by Zoe Adams (CelebMix Writer)

“I’ve written a lot of different articles in 2017 but due to the personal meaning it has behind it, my favourite article of the last twelve months is definitely my, ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle”, review. I was honoured to get press tickets to go and see it since it had most of my favourite actors in it and it was just so incredible to have it as my first (hopefully, of many) movie reviews for CelebMix. I put everything I had into this article and I stressed about it to no end, so I really hope all of you like it as much as I do.”

Movie Review: “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle”

Pride Month Special: Troye Sivan’s Contribution To The LGBTQ+ Community – Article Written by Ayushi (CelebMix Writer)

“Writing for CM Cares always reminds me of my responsibility as a writer and as a human. This piece helped me realize how important it is for some people to ‘know’ and how important it is for us to tell them that their existence is as important as ours.”

Pride Month Special: Troye Sivan’s Contribution to the LGBTQ+ community

Halsey, Bisexuality, And The Importance Of hopeless fountain kingdom – Article Written by J Lauren (CelebMix Writer)

“When Halsey’s hopeless fountain kingdom was released, I was shocked to find two songs on her album that did not just revolve around a typical man and woman couple. As someone who identifies as bisexual, finding a mainstream artist who sings about dating both men and women is the ultimate gift. I know I am not the only one who feels this way, so writing this piece felt both essential and important.”

Halsey, Bisexuality, and the Importance of hopeless fountain kingdom

Jade Thirlwall Raises Over £6000 Donating Her Clothes To Empire Preloved To Raise Funds For Cancer Connections – Article Written by Kelly McFarland (CelebMix Editor)

“My favourite article I’ve written this year was about LIttle Mix singer Jade Thirlwall. Jade has raised over £6000 for a charity called Cancer Connections by donating her wardrobe for sale through a local dress agency ‘Empire Preloved’.”

Jade Thirlwall raises over £6000 donating her clothes to Empire Preloved to raise funds for Cancer Connections

Steve Irwin’s Son Robert Irwin Goes On The Tonight Show- Completely Wins Everyone Over – Article Written by Azra (CelebMix Writer)

“I don’t know how many people are aware of this, but I’m actually a vet student. Steve Irwin was one of the very first people that showed me the beauty of wild animals, and he was definitely a big part of the reason why I’m studying what I’m studying. So seeing his son Robert with the same passion as his dad, it made me very emotional. It also made me more determined than ever to visit their zoo in Australia one day, to see the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this beautiful place that’s here today for no other reason but the love for animals.”

Steve Irwin’s son Robert Irwin goes on the Tonight Show- completely wins everyone over

First Listen Review: Five Things You Can Expect From DNCE And Nicki Minaj’s ‘Kissing Strangers’ – Article Written by Katrina Rees (CelebMix Editor)

“I’ve been fortunate enough to do many insane things for CelebMix this year, from interviewing Demi Lovato, Alex Aiono and a whole load of YouTubers, to reviewing some of the year’s best albums. However, for my favourite article, I’m going to throw it back to one of my first major exclusives, when I had the chance to listen to and write about DNCE’s ‘Kissing Strangers’ before its release. This was the first time I had the opportunity to do something like this, and being a huge DNCE fan, I was over the moon about it (the song is a total banger too).”

First Listen Review: Five things you can expect from DNCE and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Kissing Strangers’

EXCLUSIVE: Emma Blackery Talks ‘Magnetised’ EP, Touring the U.K., and “Feel Good 101” Book – Article Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola (CelebMix Writer)

“My interview with Emma Blackery was by far the highlight of my work at CelebMix in 2017! I’ve been watching her on YouTube for a couple years and I am a fan of both her videos and her music. I worked hard on perfecting my questions, and I really appreciate how much detail and effort she put into each answer. I’m still so proud of the final product and grateful to both CelebMix and Emma for giving me the opportunity to do this!”

EXCLUSIVE: Emma Blackery Talks ‘Magnetised’ EP, Touring the U.K., and “Feel Good 101” Book

All 43 Acts For The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Facts And Stats – Article Written by Jonathan Currinn (CelebMix Editor)

“2017 has been an amazing year for CelebMix, we have gained so many exclusives and coverage, it’s been incredible, I have certainly written more than my fair share of articles for the site, and seeing so many of them be loved and shared online has been incredible; however, I believe that when it came to this particular event, my small Eurovision group and I, did a brilliant job of covering all the Eurovision 2017 news; so much so, that this article ended up being one of my favourites. I can’t take all the credit, as most are links to Eurovision 2017 stars and artists 101’s, but seeing the popularity of this article alone as Eurovision came around was certainly a proud moment for me. I’m so ready for Eurovision 2018, and completely prepared for another facts and stats article!”

All 43 Acts For The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Facts And Stats

CelebMix Chats With Simple Plan’s Jeff Stinco – Article Written by Amber Nordberg (CelebMix Editor)

“When I was 12, I got Simple Plan’s debut album and as corny as it sounds since then my life has forever been changed. The have been with me through some of my hardest times, and my happiest times. When I was able to talk to one of them, and pick their brain it was one of the happiest moments of my life.”

CelebMix chats with Simple Plan’s Jeff Stinco

‘Riverdale’ Core Four Take On Wizard World Comic Con In Philadelphia – Article Written by Cayla Masters (CelebMix Writer)

“I really enjoyed being able to watch KJ, Cole, Lili, and Camila’s off-screen chemistry during this panel and being able to share my experience with CelebMix’s readers.”

‘Riverdale’ Core Four take on Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia

Louis Tomlinson Wins First Solo MTV EMA Award For Best UK And Ireland Act – Article Written by Ashley Dye (CelebMix Editor)

“As a massive Louis Tomlinson fan, writing about his first solo MTV EMA award was awesome. His fans are the most supportive, quite frankly, in the music industry and he acknowledges it as often as possible. He’s talented and passionate and winning the award was a big moment for him. With his solo career just kicking off, this is just the beginning.”

Louis Tomlinson wins First Solo MTV EMA Award for Best UK and Ireland Act

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Vamps Vocalist Brad Simpson Talks ‘Personal’ And ‘Night & Day’ – Article Written by Nicola Craig (CelebMix Writer)

“I’ve never made it any secret that I’m a HUGE fan of The Vamps and this year I got the chance to sit in on them interviewing Sabrina Carpenter for us. But the dream come true was having a lovely little chat with vocalist Brad Simpson and even managing to get a little CM exclusive.”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Vamps vocalist Brad Simpson talks ‘Personal’ and ‘Night & Day’

5 Iconic Moments From The Little Mix ‘Glory Days’ Era – Article Written by Rachel Dempster (CelebMix Writer)

“This definitely has to be my article on the iconic moments from Little Mix’s ‘Glory Days’ era. I loved writing it but what made it even more special was that Little Mix retweeted it. To anyone who liked/retweeted the article, thank you so so so much. To this day it still feels surreal that they saw it so THANK YOU GUYS!”

5 Iconic Moments From The Little Mix ‘Glory Days’ Era

CelebMix Exclusive: Interview With Singer-Songwriter Nicolette – Article Written by Lynn Macgillivray (CelebMix Writer)

“I had previously done a few interviews over email, but this was my first ever phone interview and I was so nervous. The interview didn’t start well as we had some connection problems with Nicolette being in New York and me being in the UK, but once we got connected it went so well. I really enjoyed the process and was glad to have faced up to one of my fears.”

CelebMix Exclusive: Interview with singer-songwriter Nicolette

Happy Birthday Kanye West – Article Written by Byaregal (CelebMix Writer)

“Kanye West is my favourite artist so I was very proud of that article and if it was up to me, we could celebrate Kanye all day every day.”

Happy birthday Kanye West

YouTuber 101: The Dolan Twins – by Niki Smith (CelebMix Writer)

“It has to be the Dolan Twins YouTuber 101! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed looking at images and ‘researching’ videos as much as this.”

YouTuber 101: The Dolan Twins

BTS Makes K-Pop History By Entering The Billboard ‘Hot 100’ List – by Michele Mendez (CelebMix Writer)

“I felt extremely honored to have written this news because entering the Billboard Hot 100 chart has been a longtime goal for BTS. Witnessing them reach this achievement makes me feel proud as a fan. They are truly breaking boundaries and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish next!”

BTS Makes K-Pop History By Entering The Billboard ‘Hot 100’ List

Liam Payne Ignites Social Media Prior To Anticipated Single Release – Article Written by Jess (CelebMix Writer)

“My favorite article from this year is probably the one about Liam Payne teasing fans before releasing ‘Strip That Down’. Some people have been waiting for years to hear Liam’s solo music and so getting to see everyone’s reactions to him finally releasing was a fun time. I can’t wait to do something similar for when his album comes out!”

Liam Payne Ignites Social Media Prior to Anticipated Single Release

We don’t expect you to have read them all, but if you have we applaud you! We also suggest you take time to look at them all, they are our most proud articles that we have written. While you’re at it, why not check out our 2017 favourite AlbumsEPs, Singles, Music Videos, Films, TV Series’, Celebrity Moments, and Memories; all chosen by our writers.

Did we include your favourite CelebMix article on this list? If not, tell us what your favourite CelebMix article of 2017 was on Twitter @CelebMix.

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