The Cast Of Disney’s Descendants 2 Perform On Good Morning America

With only a few days left to go until one of Disney’s most-anticipated films premieres; the promotion for Descendants 2 is getting bigger and bigger. We’ve already had a bunch of teasers, trailers, posters, and live performances; and now the cast of this film has also performed on Good Morning America (GMA). They also were interviewed on the show.

Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, China Anne McClain, and Dianne Doan, all brought some villainous energy on GMA. Dressed up as their roles; Mal, Evie, Carlos, Jay, Uma, and Lonnie; they combined the two released songs “Ways To Be Wicked” and “What’s My Name” to create an evil mash-up; one we can’t stop watching.

Watch The Cast Of Disney’s Descendants 2 On GMA Here:


The cast all arrive behind a gate, entering the studio. There are five of them, which confused a few people but we soon realised that Lonnie had been transformed into a Villain Kid; something we weren’t expecting; was it just for this performance, or is this something we can expect in the film?

The performance goes well, although Dove Cameron throws her apple to one of the child spectators so didn’t have an apple to throw about during the performance piece. China Anne McClain shines during her solo of “What’s My Name”, bringing some pirate-action to the performance piece.

Then we get to watch the swordography, as the cast show off their sword-fighting skills before the ultimate battle between Mal and Uma. Now, this is another epic performance from these guys, and we cannot wait for more promotion.

There was two interviews, one short interview after the performance and one much longer interview before.

Watch The Two Interviews With The Cast Of Descendants 2 On GMA Here:

Not a lot is revealed in the short interview after the performance, although the director, Kenny Ortega – known for the High School Musical franchise; did reveal that the sequel film will be shown on six networks instead of the originally announced five networks. On Friday, it will be shown on ABC, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie, Freeform, Disney XD, and Disney Channel. He also revealed that the first movie was watched by 100 million people.

The interview before the performance, with Ginger Zee, got much more details out of the cast. We got to hear them warm up, what they wanted to say to their fans, and where they were when they got the call to do Descendants 2.

We are also told that there will be an after show on ABC. This after show will showcase the cast reminiscing on filming the sequel and talk about their experiences. Dove Cameron stated: “There was a lot of stuff that, I think, we didn’t even know about each other.” Cameron Boyce added: “We opened up a lot.”

Descendants 2 will be shown this Friday 21 July 2017 on six networks.

The release of this Disney film has been one of the most highly anticipated, and it’s not hard to see why. So far, we have had a series of trailers from Disney in the lead up to the official trailer for the film. First, we had a teaser video; then, a ‘Long Live Evil’ trailer; before, being treated to another teaser video.

If this is not enough to keep you going until the film’s release there is also a behind the scenes video, as well as promotional posters. More recently, we have had an official music video for “What’s My Name”; after we were treated to a lyric video and a music video teaser. Sneak peeks at the sword fighting in “It’s Going Down” and a teaser for “Meet The Forgotten Villian Kids” have also been released.

The cast have also opened the Radio Disney Music Awards with the world premiere of “Ways To Be Wicked”. They also performed the track on Dancing With The Stars. There has also been Dogscendants and CARscendants and ANOTHER official trailer titled Trailer #2.

Are you ready to watch the most-anticipated Disney Channel film? Descendants 2 is ready, CelebMix is ready, Descenders are ready! Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts on their GMA performance on Twitter @Celebmix.

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