DISCOVER: Dirty Nano Vs. INNA Featuring The Motans – Pentru Ca Remix

This is something new for your ears, and we love a good remix here at CelebMix. What’s surprising about this one is that Dirty Nano has finally taken centre stage and instead of simply doing a remix, they’ve stunned us by flipping this entire track around and making their name even more known by starring on the cover of the single and turning the track into a versus remix rather than a simple remix. Are you ready to hear INNA’s “Pentru Ca (feat. The Motans)” like you’ve never heard it before?

Dirty Nano are a duo from Romania, consisting of Tinu Vidaicu and George Hora. They’ve been going since 2011 and are well known for their INNA remixes for “Endless”, “Heaven“, “Cum ar fi“, “Gimme Gimme“, and “Ruleta“. They’ve also done remixes of The Motans’ “Nota de Plata” which features INNA, The Motans’ “Jackpot”, Delia’s “Verde Imparat”, Carla’s Dreams’ “Acele”, as well as a bunch of others. They’re also very popular on their SoundCloud and YouTube accounts where they remix popular tracks.

The original song was officially released on 26 April 2018 via Global Records. This new version of the track has also been released by the same record label.

Listen To Dirty Nano Vs. INNA Featuring The Motans’ Song “Pentru Ca” Here:

We can’t quite believe the magic that Dirty Nano have created with this track, it’s like a brand new song, which easily establishes itself as its own single. We have a male vocal starting the whole thing off, backed with INNA’s vocal riffs in the backing track as the song is sped up with a crazy infectious beat. The rich male vocal has a whole new twist to this, deeper exploring the words.

The backing track is on fire – as well as the single artwork – giving us addicting rhythm with an explosion of house, mixed with extremely mainstream eurodance. We know how amazing Dirty Nano are but they’ve truly outdone themselves this time.

The Motans’ lead singer Denis Roabes jumps in for the second verse, which is no surprise since he does that on the original. With this new sound, his part is more beaty, making a different impact. The male vocal returns, replacing INNA’s voice once again and it just feels like there’s too much testosterone in this track but its undeniably great.

We’re not saying this is better than the original – no one can replace INNA’s voice and make us believe it’s better for it – but hearing a more male-oriented version of the song with a flat-out amazing backing track brings new insight to the song, and INNA’s subtle vocals in the background fleshes this remix out to the much-needed degree.

“Pentru Ca (Remix)” by Dirty Nano vs. INNA feat. The Motans is available to download and stream now through Global Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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