Fan Video Re-Imagines ‘Stranger Things’ As An 80s Sitcom

After exactly one month of its release, Stranger Things continues to take over the internet. A fan named Tim Bennett uploaded a YouTube video that re-imagines the show as an 80s sitcom.

As of August 15, the video accumulated over 400,000 views after two weeks since its upload date.

Bennett takes all of the happy moments in Stranger Things and arranges them perfectly into a cheesy intro to a stereotypical family sitcom. He also includes the song, “Strange Things” by Randy Newman as the show’s theme song, replacing the original eerie tune. You might recognize the song from Toy Story.

The video starts with the title of the show. Instead of having dark red colors against a black background, Bennett changes the font to a happy yellow color. It also overlays a scene of the kids riding their bikes.

The video then goes on to include title cards for each of the each actors as their characters engage in the happier moments of the show. Take a look below.

‘Stranger Things’ An An 80s Sitcom!

Just from watching this video, it’s hard to believe that the show isn’t actually a goofy family sitcom! Instead, it is a mysterious, and thrilling show revolving monsters and conspiracies!

All that we need now is Stranger Things with a laugh track and you get your perfect family sitcom!

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Cover Photo Credits: Tim Bennett


Written by Michele Mendez

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