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New Music Round Up – 21/11/17

Welcome back to another New Music Round Up from CelebMix. With less than five weeks to go until Christmas, our favourite artists are delivering the goods early by dropping some incredible new material.

Leading this week’s new single releases is ‘Echame La Culpa’, the hot new collab from Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato. We also saw the release of the highly anticipated collab from Steve Aoki and Lauren Jauregui. Ahead of the release of his debut album this week, The X Factor 2016 winner Matt Terry also dropped a new song called ‘The Thing About Love’.

During the week, we also heard new songs from the likes of Maggie LindemannFall Out Boy, Relley C, Russell SwallowRayvon OwenOwen Paul, and Daphne Willis.

Whilst another New Music Friday is on the horizon, we’re still enjoying some of the other releases from the past seven days. Here are ten more tracks you should be listening to.

Jessie J – ‘Queen’

‘Queen’ is the latest track to be unveiled from Jessie J’s forthcoming album R.O.S.E. The track follows on from ‘Think About That’, and ‘Not My Ex’. Speaking about the track, she said: “I wrote this song because we ALL need to remind ourselves more out-loud how beautiful we are inside out.  Simple. This isn’t just another song for me this is a way of thinking and a mantra we all deserve.  Thank you for your unconditional love and support.  I love you all. Jess x”

Miguel – ‘Pineapple Skies’

Miguel has released ‘Pineapple Skies’, which is the newest offering from his album War & Leisure which drops on December 1. The track follows on from ‘Sky Walker’ featuring Travis Scott, ‘Shockandawe’, and ‘Told You So’. ‘Pineapple Skies’ was released at the same time as it was announced that Miguel is Something About magazine’s latest cover star. Speaking to them about his vision for the album, he said: “The vision really is to paint a picture of whatever I’m feeling. The vision is to say, ‘I don’t have the answers, but this is where I’m at.’ I guess I’m documenting the overall where we are in our lives.”

5 After Midnight – ‘City Lights’

‘City Lights’ is the electric new track from trio 5 After Midnight. The track is taken from their forthcoming The Sauce EP and follows their previous releases ‘Up In Here’, ‘Talk’, and ‘Taste’. ‘City Lights’ has such an infectious dance vibe and allows the trio to showcase their vocals and harmonies.

Titus Makin – ‘Good Love’ featuring Megan Tibbits

Artist, songwriter and actor Titus Makin is back with his new single ‘Good Love’, which features Megan Tibbits. The track follows on from his previous offering ‘Ropes’, which garnered acclaim on numerous music websites. Speaking about ‘Good Love’, Titus said: “I wrote Good Love with my co-writer Aaron Kellim about the pure love I had for watching my parent’s relationship grow deeper and deeper throughout my life. I’d wake up in the morning to the smell of breakfast and seeing them dancing around in the kitchen, exchanging the most joyful moments while listening to the old time hits. That visual memory literally drove the lyrics of the entire song. Expressing how I am so excited and can’t wait to share that ‘good love’ with my ‘someone special’.”

Odette – ‘Collide’

Sydney-based singer songwriter Odette returns with her new single ‘Collide’, the incredible follow up to debut offering ‘Watch Me Read You’. Co-written with Charlie Hugall, Odette describes the piano driven track as “a very personal song written for someone I was involved with at the time. It’s about a yearning for a connection that ultimately doesn’t exist. I had some songs prepared for a studio session but the night before I couldn’t shake this intense feeling. So I stayed up really late and ended up writing Collide on my Grandad’s little keyboard, in a tiny apartment in Fulham where I was staying with my dad. I brought it into the studio the next day and Charlie and I workshopped it and brought it to life. Initially it was just a big cluster of my emotions at the time but I’m really happy with the way it’s turned out.”

Sara Diamond – ‘Unsure’

‘Unsure’ is the new single from Canadian singer Sara Diamond. Speaking about the track, she said: “‘Three Words’ was inspired by the frustration I felt from love being thrown as a word, and not an action. It was produced by Austin Tecks and Noah Barer, with additional production by Lowgo. Recording the song was fun, because I was able to get up there in the emotions and really go for it. It’s not an angry song…it’s a powerful song. About understanding my worth after the fact and knowing where to put my foot down with love. I hope people will recognize their worth in listening to the song. I tried to capture the resentment and frustration that comes from feeling like you were cheated in respect to love. Words can only go so far, and if this song can spark that for people, I’m good to go.”

DEVI – ‘Librium’

‘Librium’ is the latest offering from emerging producer DEVI. It features guest vocals from rising femal singer-songwriter Y.A.S. Speaking about the track, DEVI says: “This track is a big step from my previous tracks, not just sound wise but the subject of it too, Y.A.S. did a great job! When I first got the vocal it hit me and I knew exactly the direction I wanted to take it in, the hardest part was respecting the soft vocals but also making sure it does dance music justice. I really want the listener to be opened minded when they see my name as my upcoming tracks are all in their own little sphere and are super different from each other. So don’t be surprised when you hear different genres in the near future!”

Inara George – ‘Release Me’

Inara George,of The Bird and The Bee fame, has released her new single ‘Release Me’, taken from her forthcoming album Dearest Everybody. Speaking about the track, Inara said: “I wrote this song as a gift to my mother on her 70th birthday. I’d assumed that the song was too personal to put on my record. It’s a sort of love song to my father from my mother. But when I played it for my producer, Mike Andrews, he said we definitely had to record it. I’m very happy we did. I’m not sure I’ve ever shared such a personal song with the world. There’s something very liberating about it.”

Joselyn – ‘Saviour’

‘Saviour’ is the new single from vocal talent Joselyn. You may recognise her from being a finalist on YouTube’s new series Best.Cover.Ever. and a top 20 finalist on The Voice. Keen to create music with a message that she hopes will bring empowerment to others, ‘Saviour’ is an electro-pop offering which showcases Joselyn’s stirring vocals.

Butterjack – ‘Good Girls’

‘Good Girls’ is the new offering from producer and songwriter Butterjack. Speaking about the funky R&B synth-pop track, Butterjack said: “I’ve had this song for a little while, and it really kicked the whole project off for me. It’s simple but it means a lot. I wrote the song in my Grandma’s spare room, recorded it with a hand held mic and that’s pretty much how it has stayed. I always thought the song was just ‘a vibe’, so I’m massively excited to let people listen.” ‘Good Girls’ follows on from his debut release, ‘Other Worlds’.

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Written by Katrina Rees

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