Artist 101: Demy

With every passing day, the excitement for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is increasing. All 43 acts are really good and this time, it will not be easy to choose the winner.

For some time now, CelebMix has been introducing artists participating in the competition through its Artist 101 series. Last time, we introduced Martina Bárta. Today, for our Artist 101 series, we have Dimitra Papadea aka Demy. The singer will be representing Greece at the competition, the finals for which will happen in the month of May.

Who is Demy?

Dimitra Papadea aka Demy is an artist from Athens, Greece. The singer is signed to an independent label Panik Records and has a lot of hits and awards under her name.

When is her birthday?

Demy was born on 21st August 1991.

What is her most popular song?

Mia Zografia for which Demy received two awards at MAD Video Music Awards 2012. Her single “Poses Hiliades Kalokeria”, released in the year 2012, became a huge hit. It remained in the top position for 10 consecutive weeks on the IFPI Greece charts.

What are her social media profiles?




For the contest, Demy will be singing her single This Is Love. Last year was the first time where Greece failed to reach the finals. It remains to be seen if Demy will be able to bring glory to her country.

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