Teen Wolf Season 6 Second Trailer Released

There are 41 days left until the final season of Teen Wolf graces our TV screens and we’re not even sure we’re going to survive that long after these trailers! As season 6 is all about disappearing and remembering, all Teen Wolf social media sites were removed from existence and all the actors began to play along too, acting like they had no idea what Teen Wolf was. However, the fans must have proved their loyalty and showed how much they could never forget this show, as the social media sites are back online and they have even blessed us with a second trailer!

The second trailer begins with Stiles and Lydia in the Jeep, preparing for the moment where Stiles would be taken by the Ghost Riders, leaving his friends to forget he even exists. Lydia fights to remember and does everything she possibly can to remind everybody who Stiles is to them, especially Sheriff Stilinski.

“Why do you care so much if I remember him?” “Because you loved him”

This trailer once again shows Scott, Malia and Lydia feeling like a part of them is missing, yet they can’t figure it out. Scott is shown constantly staring at a locker in school… Stiles’ locker, to be exact, like he knows somebody important to him is missing but can’t put his finger on it. Clips are shown throughout of Scott and his pack fighting off the Ghost Riders before it’s their turn to be taken, and even though Stiles can’t see his friends are fighting for him, he believes in them enough to know that they would never leave him for good.

“They’ll come for me.”

We are also aware of the fact that this season is all about STYDIA and Jeff Davis has finally given the fans what they’ve always wanted! The very last seconds of the trailer show Stiles and Lydia back in the jeep, where Stiles says the words he’s been wanting to say, and all Stydia fans have been waiting to hear, for a long time…

“Just remember, remember I love you.”

We’re a big ball of emotions right now and whilst most of these emotions contain happiness and joy, we still hold a heavy heart knowing this is the last time we will see our favourite pack! Teen Wolf has been a complete roller-coaster filled with so many downs – it’s only right that this one ends going up, they deserve their happy ending after all!

Don’t miss out on the heartwarming yet heartbreaking second trailer here:

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Written by ShelbyAmess

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