Alexandra Stan Performed “Noi 2” Live At Kiss FM Romania

The song has been out for a week or so and now it’s time for Alexandra Stan to do her promotional work. “Noi 2” is this Romanian female superstar’s first solo single release in her home language. She has just performed this gorgeous song live on Kiss FM Romania.

The song currently has over 8,000 streams on Spotify; whilst the music video has over 1.1 million views on YouTube. It was written by Alexandra Stan and Chriss JustUs. The song translates into English as “Us 2” and this international star blogged about its release on her website.

Watch Alexandra Stan Perform “Noi 2” At Kiss FM Romania Here:

In this performance, Alexandra Stan seems relaxed throughout. Her energy leashes out to her backing band where there’s a guitarist, a pianist, and a drummer. Her voice is on point throughout really transcending the meaning behind the song whilst giving a sweet performance to the viewers.

She nails the song in every single way, apart from the one misstep on the last verse. However, she needs to be admired for this because as a true professional she carries on and doesn’t let it affect the rest of the song. Even though she does finish off the song with a slight defeat expression; she knows that she can’t re-do that part and so lets herself own the song, instead. Only people who have heard the song a lot or are closely watching the video will really be able to tell that she messed up; nonetheless, she proves that she has star quality as she continues.

Regardless, her live vocals are fire from start to finish. She makes it look effortless as if this isn’t her first time that she’s released a song in Romanian – her home language. That being said, she has featured on Romanian songs; which are: Hi-Q’s “Mor de dor”, Trumpa Zero’s “Inima de gheata”, Dorian’s “Motive”, and Criss Blaziny’s “Au gust zilele”.

We hope that more videos are released of Alexandra Stan singing her new song “Noi 2” as it’s one we can’t stop listening to; it’s just way too catchy.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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