Eurovision Song Contest 2017: First Rehearsals

Next week it will be Eurovision Week; on Tuesday 9 May 2017 the first semi-final will take place; and on Thursday 11 May 2017, the second semi-final will take place; then, to top it all off, on Saturday 13 May 2017, the Grand Final will take place and the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be crowned.

So, as you might have guessed from the title of this article, the rehearsals have begun. The Eurovision Song Contest’s official YouTube Channel has been releasing snippet videos of the first rehearsals. For your ease, we have combined them all in this one article, just for you.

Before viewing the clips of the rehearsals, why not check out our facts and stats article on the 42 competing countries and the acts that are representing them this year. Also, check out who our favourites are this year; or, better yet, why not vote for your own favourites in our ranked poll.

Here Are The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 First Rehearsal Clips:

Semi-Final 1

Sweden: Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On

The staging for Robin Bengtsson‘s “I Can’t Go On” seems very similar to his Melodifestivalen performance; when he won the Swedish national selection show. Will he stick to the exact same staging, or switch it up slightly?

Georgia: Tamara Gachechiladze – Keep The Faith

A strong power ballad, can Tamara Gachechiladze keep it together and deliver those big notes for her song “Keep The Faith“. It looks like some great imagery will be displayed behind her, much like she had in her national selection performance, where she was chosen as the representative for Georgia. We hope she has a stunning dress to wear on the night like she did at Festivali i Këngës 2017.

Australia: Isaiah – Don’t Come Easy

If we’re to expect an amazing stage production, it’s going to be from Australia. This clip doesn’t do it justice, but Isaiah is standing on a turntable. Apparently, it will spin him and make him walk against the grain. Highly relatable to his song “Don’t Come Easy“. We can’t wait to see his full performance.

Albania: Lindita – World

Bringing a time theme to the song is Lindita with her song “World“, who will be representing Albania. The time images are interesting, and the mountainous staging suggests some futuristic world theme. The four backing singers add extra power to this infectious ballad. Can she hold that big note though, on the night? That’s the most important question.

Belgium: Blanche – City Lights

It looks like this Belgium representative is letting the amazing LED backing visuals impress us all, whilst she stands there singing “City Lights“. Upon the release of the song, she quickly became one of the favourites in the contest. Her accompanying music video is spectacular, and it looks like they’re going to do something equally engaging on the Eurovision stage. Will Blanche keep her nerve and continue to make us love her song?

Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic – Space

From the first six we’ve seen, this one is the least impressive. Slavko Kalezic brings a lot of hair whipping with his ponytail. There seems to be some dancing but it seems to be more freestyle than something completely choreographed. With his song “Space“, representing Montenegro, can he pull it out of the bag on the night and give an exceptional performance?

Finland: Norma John – Blackbird

Not so different to their national selection performance, Norma John have gone bigger and better, representing Finland at Eurovision. There are blue and red fiery images behind them as they perform the song. Will “Blackbird” be the dark horse in the competition?

Azerbaijan: Dihaj – Skeletons

Well, this is not something we expected. There’s a chalkboard, there’s a ladder, and there’s a dancing horseman on the ladder. Representing Azerbaijan with “Skeletons“, Dihaj is one of the favourites, could this make her completely stand out and go on to win the contest?

Portugal: Luísa Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois

Luísa Sobral is Salvador Sobral‘s sister, she is standing in for him during the rehearsals whilst he recovers from hernia surgery. This is why he didn’t appear at any of the Eurovision parties. He will arrive in Kyiv on 7 May 2017, hence why his sister and writer of “Amar Pelos Dois” is doing his rehearsals. Representing Portugal, it looks like there’s a forest theme going on in the LED screen behind, whilst she’s centre of the stage singing the song.

Greece: Demy – This Is Love

Demy looks like she’s ready to rise up into the sky with her platform for her song “This Is Love“. Representing Greece, the stunning LED screen shows water droplets falling. If the thumbnail is any indication, she’ll entice us with some shirtless dancers too.

Poland: Kasia Mos – Flashlight

This preview doesn’t reveal much. Kasia Mos can be seen standing in the middle of the stage singing her song “Flashlight“, whilst a violinist can be seen behind her. She will be representing Poland in that stunning white dress, could she have more to give?

Moldova: SunStroke Project – Hey, Mamma!

Epic Sax Guy is back on the Eurovision stage! SunStroke Project gives infectious dance choreography that is in total sync. The LED screen shows the three-piece group. They are representing Moldova, will “Hey, Mamma!” be the party song we need this year?

Iceland: Svala – Paper

Stunning throughout, Svala unleashes energetic performance vibes in her first rehearsal representing Iceland. “Paper” looks like a song that will impress us all on the night, her costume includes a flowing white cape, which adds to her stage presence. There’s also a laser light behind her, we can’t wait to see her perform on 9 May.

Czech Republic: Martina Bárta – My Turn

It looks like the Czech Republic are focusing on the voice and the song this year. The LED imagery shows visuals of Martina Bárta‘s music video whilst she stands in the middle of the stage adding soul to her song “My Turn“.

Cyprus: Hovig – Gravity

Using the LED flooring to his advantage, Hovig is probably going to stand out this year with his song “Gravity“. He is joined by two backing dancers, and he doesn’t quite stay in sync with them, can he put this rehearsal behind him and nail it next week when the live shows kick off, representing Cyprus?

Armenia: Artsvik – Fly With Me

Armenia is surely going to bring some great imagery on the back LED screen, from what we can see. Artsvik is joined by two backing dancers for her song “Fly With Me“, who bring some finger tutting and voguing to the Eurovision stage.

Slovenia: Omar Naber – On My Way

It’s clear Omar Naber plans to use the chandelier to his advantage, and it looks incredible. He will be representing Slovenia with his song “On My Way“, he brings some performance vibes and has surprised quite a few fans with this rehearsal.

Latvia: Triana Park – Line

Make sure you have your glow sticks in the air for Latvia‘s act. Triana Park brings neon to the Eurovision stage with their electronic track “Line“. It’s not so different to their national selection performance; however, they’ve got the LED screens which could make it bigger and better.

Semi-Final 2

Serbia: Tijana Bogicevic – In Too Deep

More watery images on the LED screen, Tijana Bogicevic delivers an emotional power pop-ballad in the centre of the dancefloor, as a dancer performs watery choreography. He has his shirt undone and runs backwards in a circle around her – this may have something to do with the stage LED floor. She will be representing Serbia with her song “In Too Deep“.

Austria: Nathan Trent – Running On Air

Well, Austria is prepared to take us to the moon and back, with this awesome stage production. Nathan Trent has a great song with “Running On Air“, yet he’s going to make it look visually amazing as clouds display on the LED screen as he climbs on the moon.

Macedonia: Jana Burceska – Dance Alone

Accompanied by three backing screens that display herself, Jana Burceska is dancing alone on the Eurovision stage to her song “Dance Alone“, representing Macedonia. We reckon she’ll have more to give than this short clip shows us on the night of her semi-final.

Malta: Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly

She’s totally stunning in that pale grey glittery dress, Claudia Faniello stands centre stage as she sings “Breathlessly“. The LED screen shows glittery scenes before switching to visuals of her. The beautiful chandelier can also be seen, so maybe it’ll play an important role in the staging of Malta‘s act.

Romania: Ilinca & Alex Florea – Yodel It!

Let’s all go to the circus with Romania and their yodel-pop song “Yodel It!“. If anything, Ilinca and Alex Florea is the definition of the Eurovision theme this year Celebrate Diversity. On stage with them is two giant cannons, whilst creative images are displayed on the back LED screen. We can’t wait to see the full performance from these two.

Netherlands: O’G3NE – Lights And Shadows

The three sisters who bring harmonies like no other group we know of, O’G3NE promises to impress on the Eurovision stage, and they sure do with this short clip of their first rehearsal. They look completely stunning in their similar costumes; there is also some great choreography that goes well with their song “Lights And Shadows“. We expect some amazing LED images on the floor and behind them, as they represent the Netherlands.

Hungary: Joci Pápai – Origo

Origo” is the Hungarian song in the competition, clearly representing Hungary. Joci Pápai brings a similar performance to his A Dal 2017 national selection show performance. It includes some vivid visuals in the LED back screen, a female dancer who he dances with during the instrumental – which also features a violinist on a separate stage.

Denmark: Anja – Where I Am

There’s no denying that Anja, representing Denmark, has one of the most powerful female vocals in this year’s contest. She clearly displays that during her first rehearsal, singing “Where I Am“; whilst wearing a very colourful costume.

Ireland: Brendan Murray – Dying To Try

Well, this was unexpected. Ireland brings a hot air balloon to the Eurovision stage, as well as serene images displayed on the back LED screen. This looks amazing during the rehearsal, so just imagine what it will look like live next week. Brendan Murray can be seen inside the hot air balloon during his performance of “Dying To Try“. We can’t wait to see the full performance.

San Marino: Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson – Spirit Of The Night

If you’ve been searching for your next club Eurovision song, it’s right here. Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson are representing San Marino with their song “Spirit Of The Night“. The staging brings down that beautiful chandelier and displays block colours on the LED screen. Will Valentina Monetta’s fourth time at Eurovision see her go through to the Grand Final?

Croatia: Jacques Houdek – My Friend

This is going to be one that pairs a gorgeous voice with gorgeous imagery. In the clip that is shown, we can see a mountain displayed on the screen; there is a tree at the top. A full set of people can be seen on stage, reaching the limit of the maximum of six people on stage at one time, including Jacques Houdek. We all wondered how he would perform both vocals in a live performance of “My Friend“, but he has a backing singer to help him. Croatia‘s act is another who defines the Eurovision theme Celebrate Diversity.

Norway: JOWST – Grab The Moment

This is an interesting one since it features uncredited vocals from Aleksander Walmann, who will be performing the song on the stage. The clip doesn’t reveal much but they promise that it is going to be good. JOWST is representing Norway with the song “Grab The Moment“.

Switzerland: Timebelle – Apollo

Apparently inspiring Beauty And The Beast, Timebelle brings something totally different to what we expected. From the amazing national selection performance to the very classy music video; the Switzerland entry has gone for a colourful staging, whilst greek imagery can be seen on the LED screen – probably due to the song being called “Apollo“.

Belarus: Naviband – Story Of My Life

Sung in Belarusian, “Historyja majho zyccia” which looks like it has been renamed to “Story Of My Life“, is an upbeat song. The staging sees Naviband on a platform as they fly through a city thanks to the awesome imagery on the back LED screen. This will look amazing on the night, we reckon. Could Belarus qualify for the Grand Final?

Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess

Bulgaria wishes to send us into the future with their act Kristian Kostov. It looks like they’re going to attempt some 3D-like imagery on the LED screens. It looks like it will be a polished performance from this guy with his amazingly catchy song “Beautiful Mess“.

Lithuania: Fusedmarc – Rain of Revolution

Not much of a difference from the national selection performance for Lithuania, but why change something that works? Fusedmarc might just be the underdog in this competition with their song “Rain of Revolution“.

Estonia: Koit Toome & Laura – Verona

Laura looks completely stunning in her white dress, we can only hope that Koit Toome has something equally classy. The duo are representing Estonia with their song “Verona“, whilst soaring line imagery can be seen on the LED screen behind them.

Israel: IMRI – I Feel Alive

Now if someone’s going to get the good-looking vote, it;s going to be IMRI. He is joined on stage by five backing dancers, and they’re all in sync when it comes to the choreography. The LED screen shows IMRI in various stances before he shatters apart like glass. “I Feel Alive” could do really well in this competition for Israel.

As for the Big Five and the Host Country, they have yet to have their first rehearsals, probably because they are already a part of the Grand Final and have an extra few days to themselves. So, expect another article for them soon. The big five consists of France‘s Alma with “Requiem“, Germany‘s Levina with “Perfect Life“, Italy‘s Francesco Gabbani with “Occidentali’s Karma“, Spain‘s Manel Navarro with “Do It For Your Lover”,  and the UK‘s Lucie Jones with “Never Give Up On You“. The host country is Ukraine, who will be represented by O.Torvald with the song “Time“.

What do you make of these first rehearsals? Why not vote for your favourites in our ranked poll. We truly believe that staging will play an important role this year.

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